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    Nov 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    Does anyone else have a rooster in love with them? Regis one of my bantam Old English BB red roosters seems to be absolutely in love with me. He will get on the clean up sink out side my kitchen window and call for me and stare into the house when the sun gets low if I am not outside yet. He will dance for me, chatter me up, get really jealous if I am holding another chicken or rooster. Hop up on the fence or the yard cart and on to my shoulder if I am holding another chicken..or not. He ever got so jealous when I was holding Big daddy Cletis once, that when I put Cletis down he flew into him. Mind you now Regis is about as tall as Cletis' under belly is high. When it is time to round the ducks up to go in for the night he runs out and wants to be carried around to round them up....And my part in all this...he gets to come in and sleep on my chest, with his head under my shirt for a few hours before he goes in for the rest of the night. (around eight o'clock) since it is winter hours. He rolls on his side and tucks he head under my neck and snoozes contently, every once in a while cooing me.
    I am not complaining one bit, just wondering if there are others out there?

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    Yep i have one that is VERY attatched to me. My little serama cockrel wants to be wherever i am at all times, if i don't tuck him in he jumps out of his box and casually struts out to the basement family room and jumps up on my lap to fall asleep. Everytime i go into their room he hops up on my shoulder and burys his head in my hair. He gets very upset when i put him back in the brooder (3 by 5 ft indoor coop). On thanksgiving he went with us to my aunts for dinner in the pouch of my sweatshirt, he was a huge hit at the party and got a nice turkey dinner. He slept great that night [​IMG]
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    Dec 5, 2008
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    Totally cool ROOS!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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