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    Mar 26, 2015
    My 2 18month old brother Light Brahma roosters decided to get into a fight about 3 weeks ago. One was hurt pretty bad when the others spur broke off in others thigh. I removed the broken spur and cleaned disinfected the wound treated with iodine and antibacterials for 2 weeks and its healed over with puckered scar started, but my rooster has yet to walk at all since the fight I been babying him and doing what I think I can for rehab by holding him up and slowly lowering him to try and get him working his leg. I also manually bike his legs to force movement and make him work it twice a day. Not to sound unfeeling but if he can't breed he is of no use to me and will become soup, so how long should I give him to rehab before I give up on him walking I figured 6 weeks to be long enough but now at halfway point and he still makes no attempts to stand at all yet. Any ideas if I misjudged recovery time or maybe he is just not going to get use of that leg again?
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    That spur might have severed a nerve in his leg. Since you have been able to manipulate it without him objecting, it obviously isn't broken. If it didn't get infected he should have been able to bear weight on the injured leg by now. I remember one of my roosters hiding for two weeks after he lost a fight. He would eat and drink and then run back into the bushes. Once they get badly beaten in a fight they are reluctant to court the ladies, so get the soup pot ready.

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