Rooster Injury From Neighbors Dog

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    Feb 7, 2015
    Yesterday we went out of town had a great day and came back to a very sad scene. We caught two of our neighbors dogs with dead chickens in their mouth, two were found dead and four are MIA. (We assume dead we've walked all over the property and have yet to see any signs of them.) Our rooster Cornelius was missing as well until I found him wedged in between two boxes on our porch. (YAY!) He had all the feathers ripped from his shoulders down to his tail, and no puncture wounds from what I can see. He's in a dog crate in the house and I happened to have controlled iodine spray on hand that I have put on him. Does anyone have any other suggestions for doctoring him? I will try to add a photo later for everyone to have an idea of what I'm dealing with on his back. Or does that sound like the best I can do besides some love, food and water? I also have some "save a chick" on hand..would that be good to give him? Also what behavior is pretty typical for a chicken that has been attacked? My poor guy eats and drinks a little but then goes and sits with his head pressed into the corner of the crate. Anything we can do to rebuild his trust with us and the rest of our animals?


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