Rooster insomnia = unhappy mama

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    Jun 6, 2011
    I posted on here awhile back about my hens not laying. Well, I had more roosters than hens and they were very aggressive. Turns out the hens weren't laying because they were scared to death apparently. I sold all but 1 roo. Hens were laying within the week!

    Well I thought I had 1 rooster. Turns out I had a little aracauna rooster too. I didn't know what aracauna hens looked like so I just thought she was "ornamental" or something:) until I heard a high pitched crow!

    By the way, I now have ZERO roosters because my wife made me sell them. They were waking up the baby at 2 and 3 in the morning!

    Do your roosters crow in the middle of the night? Why?

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    Jan 8, 2011
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    I have 7 roosters. They are all night crowers. They pretty much belt them out all day too. [​IMG] I believe they are responding to the neighborhood dogs barking as well as other noises. They also crow at night when I turn on my kitchen light.
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    Quote:Ditto. Only I have eleven roosters..... I like the sound but there are times I do think "Give it a rest, boys!"
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    I've had a couple that were. The first was a Plymouth Rock and he was just a big pain in the butt all around, I don't know why he crowed at night. The second was an Old English Game, and he would crow at night if something was prowling around the pens (which, in the desert of Arizona, is EVERY night.) Being a light sleeper and also needing to sleep fairly late into the morning, I also have issues with the morning crowing. I devised a system of putting my roosters to bed in those plastic storage boxes, with some bedding in them and air holes in the lid, so that it would be dark and keep them from crowing until I was up and ready for it. After a couple of weeks, the roosters get used to the routine and don't really mind it. I would put a couple of roosters to a box so they had company and body heat--except for aggressive ones that couldn't be kept with others.
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