Rooster is... broken?

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    Oct 2, 2012
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    Hi all, I have some strange rooster behavior going and would love some opinions.

    Bruce is a year-and-a-half old Brahma who stopped crowing about three weeks ago. He seems healthy otherwise with bright eyes and no apparent wheeziness. He does seem to be chasing the girls a little less, but I attribute some of that to the shorter daylight hours and his maturity (!).

    He has one action that concerns me (along with his silence). He regularly stretches his head up and out, opens his beak, and gulps a breath in. It looks like something a throat parasite might cause but everything I research mentions wheezing and discharge from the eyes or nostrils. He has none of these symptoms. Also, no one else in the flock seems affected.

    We DID move two noisy young roosters to a new home right around the time he stopped crowing... So there's less competition. He also molted right around the same time.

    Any thoughts on what could be going on?

  2. HeyHouse

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    Oct 3, 2016
    I had a hen do this once (the gulping you describe) and she died :(. I autopsied her and found she had a small animal bone stuck in her throat that put a hole in the trachea. The other symptoms were dizziness and the tail was facing downward. But that's probably not what's happening...

    I know that's not a lot of help, but I'd also recommend you keep him isolated until you find out what's wrong. You don't want it spreading if it's infectious.

    A rooster might also stop crowing if he feels there is too much competition from other roosters, so maybe the young noisy roosters started that. Out of curiosity, how many hens does he have access to?

    I hope you'll post here if you find out what's wrong!
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    Most chickens do that particular movement to adjust their crop, if he's doing it more than normal he could have something stuck. You can try catching him and gently massage his crop, as well as see if you feel anything out of the ordinary.

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