Rooster is goose-stepping ?


In the Brooder
10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
When he walks he lifts his legs up to his chest. He is not as active as my other chickens (they are all 20 weeks old) since he started to exhibit this. Now he will sit off on his own.
It does not seem to be a balance problem and there are no deformities or injuries that I can see.
This started about 2 weeks ago and seems to have been getting worse.
Check for raised scales...could be scaley leg mites that burrow under the scales. If you could get a picture of his legs, we can tell you. You smother them by dipping his legs in oil or coating with camphophenique or VetRx.
Thank you so much for your response... What kind of oil should I use and how ofter do I do this?
Also should I coat some DE on him?

My Roo is blind (the other roos pecked him really bad when they where younger) when he walks he raises his feet up really high, but I think that is in anticipation of objects in front of him he cannot see.

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