Rooster is limping, can't hang on to roost and a little lathargic

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    Jun 12, 2013
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    My rooster, Piglet, is 9 months old.
    This morning he was fine, walking around , strutting and dancing at me. This evening when I returned home from work , he was sitting in the yard and would get up to walk but had trouble keeping his balance and was favoring his right leg and was a little lathargic.
    He didn't run far from me when I approached him and he left me pick him right up.... which is not like him at all!
    Could he have sprained his leg, he did get a little bit of frostbite on his comb and I have put some Vaseline on it, he's eating pretty well. How would I know if his crop is impacted and would this have anything to do with how he's acting.
    Any other suggestions on what could be wrong?
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    Do you have other roosters or aggressive hens who could have hurt him? Did he have a Mareks vaccine because he may have symptoms of Mareks. I would isolate him in a crate for a day or two to watch him. He may have been injured which is making him limp or he may be sick. Watch him walk--does he drag his leg or limp? Are any leg joints swollen? Check his poos, and what he eats/drinks. He might get pecked if you leave him in the coop while he is acting sick. Here is some info on Mareks:
  3. PAMinTX

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    Jun 12, 2013
    Burkburnett, Texas
    He is my only rooster and I only have 1 hen.
    I bought him and my hen when they were chicks from an Atwoods store. They said all their poultry was vaccinated.
    He does somewhat drag his right leg. My husband said the other day , he (the rooster) was running away from him and ran right into wood stake in the ground. He said he limped a little after that but seemed to walk it off.
    I have a animal cage I can put him in tomorrow and put him in my garage away from drafts, that way I can monitor him for a few days.I haven't taken notice to any unusual poos but he eats poultry pellets, chicken scratch, oatmeal, raisins, any leftover kitchen scraps that are ok for him and her to eat. Drinks from waterer. Like I said he was completely fine this morning, kinda makes me wonder if someone gave him something ( like poison ) while I was at work today.

    My hen is fine, I had a small problem with the rooster being a little too rough with her and he had torn off some of her saddle feathers. I got a hen saddle on put on her until she healed.

    Thanks for the info. I hope its nothing serious with him.
  4. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    If he ran into wood stake and started limping,then my guess is a injury to his leg. If an injury the limping will increase after a day or so as the pain/swelling starts to increase. Try giving him an epsom salt soak,this is great for sprains/sore muscles. For pain you can give him a low dose aspirin(81mg) or a reg(325mg) aspirin,dose is 25mg per lb of body weight. Crush and place in water or sprinkle over feed or give orally(place aspirin in a piece of meat/cheese/bread)then give to him. Keep him confined to limit his mobility as you do not want further damage to leg.

    Check him over in case it is a fracture,watch how he stands on leg. If a sprain,he will try and walk with a hobble/limping motion using wings for support,if a break they usually drag the leg. This is just a guideline as to how different injuries progress,you be the judge.

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