Rooster is limping

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10 Years
May 13, 2009
Happy Valley, CA
Not sure if there is much that can be done here - but thought I'd run it up the flag pole anyway. Yesterday we noticed that our rooster was limping and holds foot up. There had been a scuffle in the coop on Monday when I put them in for the night and not sure if that is when he got hurt. I checked him over and don't see any blood or other marks and he does not jerk when you touch it. I assume that I should just keep an eye on him - or does anyone have other advise. Thanks so much

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I dont know for sure but it sounds like youre doing the right thing
It is an infection they get on the bottom of the foot from a small cut or sliver. It creates a cyst like thing or a scab that has to be opened, drained, cleaned and wrapped.
If no wound is visible, I would say he sprained his leg.

Keep him in a small cage to restrict his movement for a few days to one week.

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