Rooster is picking on one hen only.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    We had a great group of hens and roosters until the 2 of the newer roostesr grew up and became teenagers! These 2 roosters chase the hens day and nite. There is one hen that has been scared of her own shadow since day one. She did okay until these roosters came along and chase her the most and now she has no feathers on her neck. She was hiding in a rabbit hole for who knows how long last month when the neighbor was watching them and supposed to be counting them at nite. I have had her inside to help fatten her up . I take her out supervised and she is still scared 2 weeks later. I chase off the roosters. Is there anything I can spray on her to make her less attractive to the roosters? This hen is the only one that has hair missing from her neck , all the other hens run away. Im afraid the roosters will kill her.
    Please help save her !
  2. There is nothing you can do to make her less attractive to roosters. You need to remove the teenage roosters from the flock until they get themselves under control. Either their own run and coop, or the soup pot. Your choice!
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    It sounds as if you have too many roosters. Roosters gang breeding hens can frequently result in lowered egg production. Why not get rid of/eat the troublesome roosters?

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