Rooster Issues! Help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. reecemorgan

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    Aug 6, 2015
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    Last year in June my family and I decided to get four chickens: An Easter Egger, Black Australorp, Buff Brahma, and a White Crested Black polish. A few months in, my "EE' began to crow. Turns out she was a he, along with our polish, Floyd. So much for the guarantee. Not only that, but my "EE" wasn't an EE! It was a Golden Laced Wyandotte! So now I have two hens, and a roo, all which I love dearly. The problem is, I have neighbors. I have a no crow rooster collar too, but that's not the problem. The problem is, over the past few months William (GLW) has gotten very aggressive. I know that he's just doing what roosters do- protecting the hens, but he's never been like this before. The collar works, but it's hurting his neck by rubbing it raw. Also, a few days ago, his comb and wattles started to turn blue and he started foaming at the beak so I took the collar off as quick as I could. It was on perfect, it wasn't too tight and it was on the right spot. It was on the same as always. He was perfectly fine after a minute or two so after an hour of piercing loud crows I had no choice but to put it back on. But as I bent down to pick him up, he bit my ear, drawing blood. As I was putting the collar back on he tore up my hands. I know the reason is because he hates his collar, but he has to have it on. From that point on he's been attacking me and my parents. He will literally come after us when we are no where near him or the girls. He's attacked 4 of our friends through the past months, all of which blood was drawn- One nearly had to get stitches. He won't let me near the coop or any of the girls. He spurs, kicks, pecks and bites. He used to be a brilliant rooster, but I honestly don't know what's happened. It's to the point where my family thinks we should give him up. It would tear me to pieces if we had to give him away though.[​IMG] I love him, and the girls love him too, but I'm lost. I just want what's best for him and the girls. Could I have yall's opinion? Should we give him away or what?
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    Oh no... I am having a similar situation as well.
    My roo was the only one other than a baby roo [​IMG]
    I got a "novelty" rooster for free a few days ago and now the old one is chasing my little siblings and acting unkind... to be fair, he has NOT done it yet today.
    I am thinking about butchering him... but he is not really a pet so you would probably not want to do that.
    Yes, you should give him away... human life and well-being is WAY more important than a rooster. Maybe you could get a nicer breed? Or caponize him... you know, neuter? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    He doesn't love you! Move him on ASAP before he takes someone's eye out, or puts them in the hospital. If you can't do the deed, free on craig's list is an option, or somewhere WITH FULL DISCLOSURE. Some roosters are fine with humans, and some aren't smart enough to be polite to their food source. Mary
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    [​IMG]That's what I was thinking. He really just needs to be in an environment where he has no need for a rooster collar and where he doesn't get too much human interaction. I don't ,however, want any chance of giving him to someone who might kill him. He's really a good guy, I just think having that nasty collar on him has changed him for the worst. :( Above all I just want him to be a happy and healthy rooster with a good home
  5. keesmom

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Hormones are what has happened. The aggressive behavior may have absolutely nothing to do with the collar. He's 9-10 months old, and it's spring. Hormones are raging. If you think the attacks are bad now just wait until he has spurs. Never mind what is best for him. He is dangerous and needs to go. You need to do what is right for you, your family and friends. Your hens will manage just fine.

    If you list him on craigslist or in a feed store do make sure you disclose that he is human aggressive. It's possible you will find someone willing to give him a try. Though once he is out of your hands you really have no say in what happens to him.
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    Aug 6, 2015
    United States,Kentucky
    Thanks for the response!
  7. JadedPhoenix

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    Oct 29, 2012
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    I hate to tell you this but once you give an animal away, you have no say as to how they will treat that animal. Not to mention, with the attacks that he's already initiated, he isn't going to go back to being a sweet little roo. It just doesn't happen that way. Was it the collar that turned him mean, a possibility but it is also possible that it is his natural temperament that took time to show itself. As was said above, his hormones have finally begun to kick in. So the personality that he is displaying is going to be his new normal. That means that he will always be dangerous to have around; constant human interaction or not.

    To be honest, an animal that aggressive can not only be a health hazard but also can create a legal issue should someone attacked decide to press charges since you knowingly (or anyone who then takes him from you with full disclosure) keep an aggressive animal on you land. Keep that in mind when trying to decide what to do from here. There are far too many non-aggressive, mature roos that need good homes to waste one on a roo who will forever be a problem.
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    Sep 23, 2015
    EE roosters as well as other roosters, can be two things.. NICE or... NAUGHTY.
    I had two roosters they were as different as morning and night.
    I had to give away my mean one. I know its hard but its for your own safety.
    I now only take silkie roosters because there is less of a chance getting hurt.
    But you never know what you will get with those roosters.
  9. Weehopper

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Gonna be real honest here. Don't torture him. Rehome him. Kindest thing you could do for him. As it is, whoever gets him may have a confirmed man fighter on their hands because of his treatment, and you should warn them. If you don't want roosters to crow, don't keep roosters. It's as easy as that. I know you did not mean him any harm, but you need to remember, you are dealing with a mostly reactive bird whose brain is the size of a pea. He's smart about chicken stuff, but not so much human stuff. I am not trying to be mean, but my heart goes out to this poor, unknowing rooster.
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