Rooster Jumps on my shoulder for no reason!! What does this mean!


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Aug 9, 2021
Rooster Jumps on my shoulder for no reason!! What does this mean! I am not touching or even near his hens, but sometimes when I'm low enough he jumps on my shoulder parrot-style and refuses to move. What could this mean? Is this aggressive behavior or a sign of acknowledgement? Help plz
How old? If he is younger than six months, he is sizing you up and will probably show some aggressive dominating behavior later on down the road.... If he's older than that he may just see you as a flock companion, although I doubt it. Regardless, chickens should never be allowed on shoulders. I literally worked with a guy who was missing an eye from a chicken peck. The risk is very, very real!!!!
Well crap! Does this mean Serama pullets/hens too? I would never allow a full sized pullet/hen but I've been putting the Seramas up thinking it was cute🤷

To OP, I personally would not allow a rooster that close. Healthy boundaries and personal space is important, even if only for my comfort, especially if there are ladies around.
If it makes you uncomfortable, don't allow it. If you don't mind it, take care to make it a safe and enjoyable interaction.

Our experience has been that some birds like to perch over being held. Poults, pulleys, cockerels, hens, roosters doesnt matter, we've seen it across many types, usually shows up in very young chicks days old (we handle our chicks a lot and surround time with them, so see the personality show up).

Those birds often fly up onto our arms, or if down low, our back or shoulder. Some love to sit on an arm or shoulder while we walk around.

Yes, some will peck at glasses, braces, teeth, or eyes. Usually, we find our birds will look intently before they peck, so it's pretty obvious they are about to peck. We don't let them stay if they are attempting to peck.

And, to change this peck away from delicate eyes, we train our birds as chicks to peck at our shiny rings on our hands. We now offer the ring as we greet the bird and again when on shoulder.

Hope this helps, definitely protect your eyes. :)

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