Rooster just dropped dead


9 Years
Jul 18, 2010
Marshfield, Ma.
I have(had) a White Rock rooster, my only one, just dropped dead. I was chasing one of my Buffs that was out of their designated area and he was freaking and crowing while I was in the brush trying to catch the escapee. I heard this weird noise so I looked back over to the fenced in area and he was laying on the ground and made the same noise again. As I was walking over he was flopping around and at first thought he was on top a hen but could see his legs were behind him. By the time I got to where he was he was dead. Don't know if he had a heart attack or what, it was all over in less than a minute. I shocked and horrified as much as sad. As much as annoying he could be and rough on the hens due to his 10lb size he looked after the girls with unwavering devotion. Rip in Peace, Rocky.

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