Rooster limping for months now


Spicy Sugar Cookie
6 Years
Apr 26, 2017
The moon
So my Columbian Rock rooster has been limping for months now. It began when i moved the pen and took him and the hens out. When it was done i put him back and he flew from my arms and half flew half fell to the ground maybe three feet down. i found out later that he had bumblefoot, I took care of it and he still limps. His ankle is swollen and he limps on it-not severly, but he doesn't run like the hens, he does a funny gallop so as not to put a lot of pressure on his leg. It has been months now, and he still isn't better. Any suggestions?
1. Keep him caged up so he isn't able to use it so it can heal
2. It may be too late and it has already healed "wrong"
3. he may have an infection that is causing the pain, which is causing him to not use the leg properly.
4. take him to a vet to verify
I did take him to a vet earlier-about a week after i noticed. She said he probably sprained it. That was also around the time he got severe frostbite and had to stay in a large box in my basement whenever it reached thirty two degrees, so he had rest and wasn't running around. What would be signs of infection besides the swollen ankle?

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