Rooster losing crow? Raised skin on face?


Dec 30, 2019
Polk City, FL
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Ok so I posted a while back about my EE roo Lucky that has raised skin on his face.... I have only had Lucky for a few weeks. He was a rescue I took in. The guy that gave him to me claimed he was a year old but he looks older to me. He has pretty long spurs and is a huge guy. I haven't got a answer yet on why his face skin is raised. I noticed yesterday his crow is starting to fade away? He sounds like a rooster learning to crow for the first time. It's not loud like it normally is. He seems perfectly fine other than raised face skin and the odd crow. His mouth is open in a couple pictures but it's hot here in Florida so that's why. Anybody have any idea what's wrong and how I can help him??? I really have to figure this out! I also just hatched chicks that are probably his. All my other chickens are healthy.


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My guess is that the raised facial tissue may be genetic in nature and not a problem. I'm not certain what may be happening with the change in his crowing.

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