rooster lost his toes on one foot

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    Jul 2, 2011
    Hello all. Sorry that my first post is an emergency situation.

    We moved our rooster to a temporary coop yesterday so he could recover from being terribly hen packed. Unfortunately, it wasn't secure enough and a raccoon or something got to him overnight and managed to pull all the toes off one foot. I was going to finish the job myself today, but was talked out of it. He seems to be doing ok - not in terrible pain as far as we can tell. He can stand a little but can't put any weight on that foot. Is there anything we can do for him to help in some sort of recovery? Or would you just do him in?

    Thanks, Iain
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    I have a bunch of young Orpingtons in an old rabbit hutch.. the kind with a partial wooden floor and partial hardware cloth bottom. Last week coons came through and chewed off toes on several of the pullets. One got it especially bad. I used some antiseptic on the wounds and made sure that they weren't bleeding. The pullet who got the worst of it was in shock for the day.. but by the next day she was eating and drinking. She still holds that foot up.. and I suspect she always will..or at least will for a while.. I made sure none of the other birds were pecking at the wounds and figured she would be happier with her buddies. I also took steps to get rid of the coons. I told my husband that if she started to decline I would cull her.. but she has the will to live so I'm going to let her. I see no reason to cull her at this point or any of the others who are missing toes. It may affect their ability to roost.. so I have to take that into consideration when they make the move to the new coop when it's done.
    I didnt give them any pain killers because 1.. I didnt want to thin their blood any.. and 2.. I wanted to make sure they favored their injured feet. Now that may sound cruel to some people.. but I know from experience that if an animal has enough pain killers in its system that it feels no pain.. it can stress the injury to the point that it causes more damage to an injury especially on a foot or leg
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    My rooster lost his toes and i put the antifungal,antiseptic spray Dr Naylor's Blu-Kote spray on them. We use it on a lot of rooster injuries, so far it's always worked, wounds heal quickly and clean. My rooster could do everything without his toes except catch the you are counting on your rooster for that, that could be a problem!

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