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Mar 21, 2010
So anyway I have four hens right now. However I went to a poultry show and ended up buying
a couple more silkie seramas. I was told they were hens - however they are roosters. My question is
they have only been crowing in the morning like clockwork at 6:30 am every morning for about
10 minutes or so. Then I give them fresh water and some more food and they quiet down.
So when these guys get bigger will they crow on and off all day??? Do roosters just crow in the morning??
What are the all the benefits of having roosters and what are the pitfalls???
Any info would be helpful.
The amount of crowing depends on the individual roo and from what I've observed, the time of year. My roos crow in the morning and then occasionally off and on during the day. Once or twice a week they get into crowing contests (which I adore

The benefits of owning a roo are many. They have four primary roles in a flock - peacekeeping, providing, propagation (procreation) and protection.

Peacekeeping - a good roo will referee in hen squabbles and pecking order issues.

Providing - a good roo will find sources of food for his hens.

Procreation - a roo will do what a roo's gonna do.

Protection - from predators.

I adore my roos and have a hard time finding anything bad to say about owning them. Roosters add a whole 'nother dimension to a flock that can't be enjoyed without one. The only downside to owning them that I can think of is that they can sometimes be hard on a hen's backfeathers (that's what saddles are for) and an aggressive roo can be a PITA to deal with.
I did want to add - you are talking about seramas. You might find their crows to be a bit shrill. I like the deep, baritone crow of my big roos.

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