Rooster molesting pulletts, is this normal?


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Nov 9, 2009
Hi everyone, been stalking this site since Nov. This is my first post. I have a rooster that has recently become interested in the ladies. No problem with the big girls but he has started, hhmmmm, trying to grab the 2.5 month olds with his break by the back of head like he is going to mate with them. They are tiny in comparison to him. Is this normal or is he a weirdo? Will he hurt them? I have banished him to the yard every morning. ( I let him in at night). He is very sweet and comical, I would hate to get rid of him...but I REALLY love my girls.
Our roos do the same thing. So I would say it is completely normal.
Since they are so young, I would say that it is more of a pecking order thing than a mating thing.. They are young and are needing to be taught that HE is at the top and they better not try to step on his toes.. My roo did this not only to the younger girls WAY before they started laying but *still* does it to the other younger roo to prove his dominance... Perfectly normal.. I wouldn't worry unless he was actually hurting them..

We also have roos that are just gettin of age...yeah...this is something funny to of them grabs a pullet with his beak and does his thing backwards...Another young roo tried to mate with a young BR cockeral....(young I mean 6 wk old lol)
i have one roo that is just comming into or is already into the hormonal stage of his development where if he sees a hen he goes after it.hes a silkieXeaster egger and i caught him mating with my 3 month old silkie chicks.i hate it when he goes after my bantam girls because hes so big and there so small i dont want him to break there so glad that i have got another rooster out there that will beat the crap out of him if he mates within ear yes i would say that is is normal.hes just doing his job.
They are complete jerks when they're in puberty :p Mine seems to have settled down some now, at 9 months, but watch them close, because if blood is drawn it can lead to other problems. Mine "matured*" earlier than the ladies, which resulted in a great deal of strife. If you feel most comfortable keeping him away from them the majority of the time until they all mature a bit, I see nothing wrong with that

*"matured" in the sense that some teens think they're "mature" because they go to R-rated movies and smoke behind the gym :p
I saw mu BIG roo "Betty" ( I thought he was a girl when I bought him, and the name has stuck) mate with my banty girl she is about 4 months old and tiny. I freaked out cause he is huge compared to her and he was tap dancing all over her back, neck, head, totally squishing her. I chased the horn dog off and she appears fine. Can they get injured by this? He is starting to get on my nerves...I may need to eat him
My roo "Big Daddy" does this too. And he is a HUGE White Rock. I just keep the smaller ones in the chick pen til they get big enough so that he doesn't hurt them by accident in his attempt to assert his dominance. The chick pen is in the chicken yard so they have lots of time to get used to each other. He just lets them know who's boss and that's all. Here is My big ole boy.

WELL HE HAS DONE IT NOW!!!!! I had let my rooster (Betty) and my hens out to free range all day cause I was off and puttering around in the yard...My BR Roo and his lady were in their own pen. (I'm setting the scene). Well the BR Roo grabbed his lady and proceeded to do the deed while she squawked in protest. Welp, Betty runs over there to the pen yelling, next thing I hear one of my babies squeel. Think nothing of it till my son comes over and stops dead in his tracks, pointing at the baby. That
Big flap of skin hanging!!!
Needless to say he is now in his own private quarters till I do some research on butchering him. She on the other hand appears fine (other than the fact she has NO SKIN on her neck) she is in the hospital (livingroom) with her own private room and round the clock nursing care. I don't know if she will ever have feathers but I think the skin should grow back (
) Gave her a shot of antibiotics, food and water and covered her cage to keep her calm. ( She is crying for her siblings
) Also cleaned the wound with saline and applied Ichthammol 20%. This is a "drawing salve". It is like a miracle. We got a duck from a friend whose dog attacked it and it had a huge, deep hole in it's side. I cleaned it out and filled the hole with this stuff and that thing healed up within a week. It's and antiseptic. Cost me 10.99 for 14 oz and it will last a loooong time. ( I've already had it for almost two years, the consistancy is like vaseline but its almost black.) Good stuff Anyways, thank you for letting me vent.
I think Betty grabbed the closes thing to him to "out mate" my BR ROO, but I have had enough....that's WAAAAYYYY past tap dancing on them......The next one to be skinned is HIM.

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