Rooster n their crowing!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickade, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Mar 3, 2011
    hello all! Im new here but i was wondering about roosters. Ive got new chicks coming next month, silkies polish ,ee i didnt want to get a rooster but i did an white crested polish. I m not thrilled about all the crowing thats why i didnt want any but might get onother one any way since m,y silkies are can yall give me some advice on this subject.........[​IMG]
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    Do you live in an area that allows you to have roosters?
    If so, it is nice to have one to look out for the flock. Cinnimon, my partridge Silkie rooster looks out for his group. He alerts them to danger. My Silkies are not only 13 weeks so he does not always alert them to the best bits of food yet as he is still at the piggy age for boys.

    My main blue wyandotte rooster (he is black) is very attentive to the girls. He is still on the young side, but, is doing a good job. He does not rough them when mating but on occasion has fallen over them and accidently stepped on a few heads. Lester is learning to be the peace keeper and has gotten better at getting the girls to go where he wants them to be. He alerys them to danger. Takes them to the best foraging spots, dust bathing spots, and gives them yummy treats he finds.

    A good rooster is worth it.
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    Let me share some of my Roo experience. I had a leghorn I swore was a roo until she layed her first egg. My two easter eggers were late crowers and I was totally convinced they were pullets - nevermind the saddle feathers and the strutting and preening. The day they crowed I just sat down and cried.

    The roo I ordered.....was friendly until he fully matured and then he became a tyrant - but he is good with the girls. He has attacked us and I have to project I am the biggest roo in the run so he will leave me alone and he still trys but I also learned to where some cowboy boots and give him a swift kick when he gets out of hand. Not a hard kick but get him off of me. I also trim his spurs. RAZZAMATAZZ is his name. - His son - SON OF RAZZ whom we just call Sonof does not have his daddies mean demeaner but Daddio is Alpha roo. I also have some bantam roos who double team Razz from time to time. No one is hurt so I let them keep order. I have a game cock roo who didn't crow until February or March Jaberwoke. He is actually very intimidated by everyone as is my youngest and biggest roo the Copper Marans. I also have two Easter Egger Roos. Who pal around with the Copper Marans. Funny thing is the Copper, Razz, the egger brothers all sleep in one coop and the girls sleep in another. Sonof sleeps with 15 pullets in the big house. And my little cochin bantams with the game cock all sleep in another coop all to themselves. The early crows were all kind of strange. It took them each a while to find their voices. The little bantam barred cochin roo must jump on the top of his coop every am and crow 3 times. It is his job I guess.

    Roos are beautiful and fun but they can be a handful and you have to respect them. I never completely trust Razz. the others are all fine. They are LOUD and CROW all day long from very early before dawn till they go to bed.

    If you cannot have a Roo - re home it if you find you have one.

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