Rooster Needs A Home in Georgia

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    May 15, 2011
    Ran into a woman today at the grocery store who is looking for a home for her rooster. She overheard my daughter and I talking about our chickens and said she was looking for a home for a rooster she had. Don't know any specifics on age or breed though. Apparently her husband got it because he thought it would be nice to have as a pet. Now it is 'making to much of a mess' in their urban patio. It can't be very old and apparently has not been exposed to other birds. They are looking a more poultry friendly home for it.

    This is my first post on BYC so if this is not appropriate I sincerely apologize. I just wanted to pass along this info. I hate to see people and animals not getting along when there are better suited arrangements out there. We are hens only at our house and we like it that way. Our neighbors have a rooster and that suits us just fine. He's just far enough away to hear the nice occasional cock a doodle do without waking anyone up. [​IMG]

    I do not know this woman personally but I do have her number. She is in the Cartersville area of Georgia.

    If you or anyone you know wants a free rooster post back and I'll pass along the contact information.

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