Rooster not doing his job?? Sterile perhaps?

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  1. It is day 14 on my 3rd hatch. We started 34 eggs from my buff orp girls and 1 roo. I have raised 2 other batches....hatched 13 of 14 in batch #1 and 14 of 18 in batch #2. Now...the question. I only have 6 eggs left in the 'bator that appear to be developing. A little hard to see much right now as it appears as a large dark blob, with little movement. The other 28 we just development at all...just yolks after opening them. Is it possible for a rooster to have a "sterile period"? I have 1 roo, to 8 he "overworked"? I believe he is 3 years old. Very disappointing to go from a "full bator" to very few left. Any ideas.....I'm a little depressed. [​IMG]
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    I have been told that roos need more light to be fertile than a hen even needs to lay eggs. Is that an issue at all there? I wouldn't think it would be this time of year, though.

    Other than that, buff orps are pretty fluffy. Have the girls been given bum trims at all? Have you actually seen him breed them/are they receptive to him?

    It IS frustrating. Been there (though with cochins, not buff orps).
  3. Quote:So...are you saying my girls need a "bikini waxing"??? :lol:Guess it makes sense. I have seen him breed them, but not recently (too much going, school, work, etc). I did notice his spurs have gotten really long. Didn't know until today that they are supposed to be cut. I bet the poor things were running from him!!![​IMG]


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