Rooster not mating with hens

Chicky 13

6 Years
Apr 12, 2013
A couple of weeks ago we bought a pair of buff orpingtons. The 10 month old rooster was proven since he had been kept in isolation with his hen who had then gone on to hatch chicks.

When they first arrived I cracked an egg from the female orpington and saw it had a white spot indicating it was fertile. Since then no of her eggs are fertile. Over two weeks I have never seenhim mount her once.

For the first couple of days when I just bought him , he would mount the other four chickens in my flock but now he doesnt mount any of them so maybe he was just establishing pecking order? I really want to hatch some chicks , why isnt my rooster mating?
They'll settle in. 10 months is on the young side, if you have adult hens they may not be allowing him to mate. But then you'd see them chasing him.

I'd just chalk it up to them settling in. Imagine you'll have fertile eggs any day now.

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