Rooster not responding to LA 200 treatment


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May 19, 2020
Hello! I need help with Bruce, a lovely, 6 m/o Australorp rooster. He is new (1 week with us) to our flock but he is already our favorite. Our 20 members flock are pets to us. He is the kind that follows me everywhere, waits for me, for a very long period of time, when I go inside the house and even pays attention when anyone talks to him 😇. This is strange to me. He acts like our dogs. So, you can understand how sad and desperate we feel.
The 3rd day after his arrival he was acting different. More distant. That day, after a couple of hours, I saw him resting, I tought we was dust bathing but he wasn't moving. I called him and he lifted his head but stayed on the ground. I walked to him and I noticed his left eye was swollen and he couldn't open it. I took him to the house and notice that he was hotter than usual plus his tail was not lifted. He was very weak. Then he started sneezing and shaking his head. He had diarrhea.
We had other chickens with the same symptoms before and we treated them with LA 200, Vet Rx plus a mixture I prepare to feed them when they are sick and hydration (Corrid, just in case) and it worked fast with all of them, to the point that at the time of the second shot, they were not having any symptom.
Yesterday, I administered his second and last shot of LA 200 and even when he is not having fever and he recovered his strength, he keeps sneezing and the diarrheas came back.
Can I start a "round" of Denagard or Tylan 200?

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