Rooster or hen? Pics included, thank you!!


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Oct 5, 2009
We acquired these at one week old , they are now about four weeks (Oct 6th) and we're complete beginners. I've looked at other forum pics and think that perhaps Sweep is rooster due to curled tail feathers and slight pink comb, Sweep being pullet due to erect tail feathers. I'd be grateful if you'd share your thoughts too. Thanks.


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The little black (girl- so far) looks like she could be an Orp or Australorp, maybe even Jersey Gaint. Her legs look greenish in the pic- but I'm assuming that's just the lighting?
The little white roo could be a sussex or white rock- so cute!

Might want to give the black one a few more weeks before you can be totally sure.
The little white one sure looks like a rooster. I agree you may have to wait on the black chick-hard to tell at this point. Both are cute, though.

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