Rooster or hen? (Rhode Island Reds)

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by brennamae, Mar 15, 2016.

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    We ordered 25 RI Reds from Welp hatchery at the beginning of November last year. We ordered all females, but lately we have started to wonder the sex on about 3 of them. They're just significantly larger than their sisters. I've attached a photo of one of the suspected cockerels and of the same aged hen (about 4.5 months old at this point). Any thoughts? Just wanted to see what people think before we email Welp. We've never raised RI Reds before, so perhaps these ones are just slightly ahead of the others? Thanks!

    Suspected cockerel...taller than the apparent hens, and significantly bigger comb and wattle at this point.

    Hen. Smaller (even though photo doesn't do justice) and much smaller comb/wattle.
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    The main place I look to determine gender - in addition to the comb - is the saddle feathers. Here's a link with pullet/cockerel saddle feather comparison pics: Notice how the cockerel's saddle feathers are long and pointy and appear greasy/super shiny. In comparison, the pullet's are rounded and dull. Hope this helps!

    If you'd like a second opinion, feel free to PM me or post here with a profile pic, clearly showing the tail and saddle feathers.

    But I do agree, that bird does look very rooster-y....
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    A side shot would help, RIR are slow to mature, so I agree a better shot is needed.

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