Rooster or Hen? *****UPDATE*******


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I have an 18 week old Barred Rock who started "crowing" in the morning....I know I should just accept that it is a Roo, but maybe, just maybe it is one of those "rare" hens who crow?? We live in a neighborhood where someone might start complaining so any opinions would be great!! I uploaded the video to youtube, so the link is
. Please Help!
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Ventriloquist roo!

Is it just me, or does that other Barred Rock look rooish too?
Oh No, this is not good! Both my Barred Rocks are ROOS????!! My hubby is going to be so sad.... I actually thought one of the Aracauna's I have, might have been a Roo. It is about 20 weeks old. I am attaching a pic of that one and you can tell me what you think?
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Haha Seriously I didn't even see his beak moving!! Nice

OMGosh!! So Funny! We could re-name it "Ven"!! I noticed that when I was recording it and afterwards actually had to tell my daughter to "watch the one sticking it's neck up in the air"!! That crazy chicken.
Very cute when they started to crow and stretch their neck out like that (I am at work cannot turn volume on but I can tell by the neck).
What convinces me the most is saddle feathers. These are feathers on the back of the bird, males will be pointy and glossy, females are never glossy, and they started to show around week 12, from little experiences I had.


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