Rooster or Hen?

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    SO one of our BR's started to make a crowing sound the other morning. I never heard it but my girls said it sounded like the noise a rooster would make. This morning I heard it myself. Our 'hen?' sounds an awful like a rooster in training. I plan on taking a closer look at her comb etc. later this morning but I am not 100% sure what it is I should be looking for. I bought these two when they were younger as Pullets. Could our hen just be a bit confused?
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    A rooster will usually have a larger comb, but the main thing to look for are saddle feathers. The saddle feathers are on his back just in front of his tail. If those feathers are shiny and pointy at the end, he's a rooster. If those feathers are duller colored and rounded, she's a pullet. [​IMG]

    Also, if you have Barred Rocks, males will be lighter overall color. Hens will have wider black stripes, and males will have narrower black stripes.

    If you posted a picture of the suspect, we could tell you for sure!
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    Coloring is the difference, how is your chicken colored - more white? or more black? There are a few exceptions to this, but almost always coloring is the easiest way to tell.

    Here is a BR hen (she's 1 1/2 years old):

    BR cockeral:
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