Rooster or hen?


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6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
im really confused now. this chicken is over a year old now and to me it looks like a rooster but it doesn't crow and my hens all bully it. is it a rooster or hen?
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Rooster for sure. Very pretty color on him. Do you have another rooster? If it is not the dominant rooster it may just be staying out of the way of the boss rooster. If it is the only rooster, maybe he is just really slow maturing, or you have some really bossy hens.
He's a rooster. You won't see a female colored like him. Pretty boy! He's probably just a submissive rooster, but may get more dominant and roosterlike as he gets older.
It's a rooster.

have you had him all his life? He really doesn't look like a year old, he still looks immature and like he needs to fill out to me.
i have have had him since the day he hatched. he hatched on the 9th of april 2012 and he is my only rooster and my first

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