Rooster or Hens?


Apr 7, 2017
Here is our flock. 2 Barre Rocks, 3 Rhode Island Reds, and Three Easter eggers (Americaunas). They are 10 weeks old here and we are unsure how many roosters and hens we have. They were straight runs from Tractor Supply.
So...the first Easter egger in the foreground on the left (Dora) we think is a hen. The next one (Leander) with the black neck and white and red body were not sure. The white americauna...rooster or hen?
Barre rocks-- pretty sure one is a rooster. The other is filling out more like a hen.
I think we figured the RI Reds -- two roosters one hen. The hen is bringing up the flock in the pic.

Any thoughts from those with more experience? None of them are fighting or crowing yet.

Thanks for your help!


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I see lots of roosters, individual shots would help. I see 2 barred rocks, a RIR, and an Easter egger rooster for sure.
Here are a few more shots on their favorite "roost". They are hysterical on it:). I can just watch them all day. Tried to get a few more shots of the white Easter egger-- hen or rooster? We've got the RIRs figured out. Two roosters-- Sriracha has the big comb, George is smaller and more orange, and you can see HenneyPenny who is the hen.

Sounds like he consensus isn't the multi colored Easter egger with the black neck is a roo?

Would love it if one of the barre rocks was a hen. They are my faves. Saved them both from pasty butt. No one else had it--just those two.

Anyways, thanks for your comments!


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White EE is a cockerel, too. You can actually see the rooster feathers coming in already -- those yellowish shiny, pointed things on his back and in the neck...

I'm afraid the only pullets are the "Dora" EE and one of the reds.
Breaks my heart because I am very attached to nearly all of the Roos. But I can't keep 6 Roos and two hens:(
I've got to decide which of the six Roos to keep.

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