Rooster or Just a Mean Girl?



Oct 12, 2020
Columbia, SC
Is my black copper marans a rooster a just a mean girl? I’ve had her for almost 2 months, so she’s probably 4 months old. I’ve been waiting for those beautiful copper brown eggs. And then this happened! She jump on the back of my new chicken. Twice! (See video) That made me wonder if she was mis-sexed. She is definitely the bully... she keeps my new chicks from feeding and a notorious feather puller. What’s the deal? Mean girl or rooster? Oh yeah... I haven’t heard her crow. So I hope that is a good sign.

Hen or Rooster video

IMG_0059.jpg IMG_0054.jpg IMG_0057.jpg
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Could be a rooster. Your video didn't show, I believe you have to upload it to Youtube first. Otherwise, do you have a picture of her questionable pullet? Some cockerels crow early and some take time.

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