Rooster or Mean Hen?

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  1. We have 3 hens about 20 weeks old that grew up together from chicks. Suddenly one just started abusing another one pretty bad. It stalks it, pecking it, ripping out feathers, and sometimes pins it down in a corner and literally stands on top of it pecking away at it's head. Is this normal behavior to establish dominance? Would I know it's a rooster at this age? I've been reading about how to tell it's a rooster but don't see any signs yet? Should I split them up or something? Thanks.

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    I would take the dominant one away for a bit or it may kill the other one :( I have never seen a chick be that aggressive to another chick before - not to the extent you describe.
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  3. Thanks Hyline - They are about 20 weeks old now, so pettty much adult size. I am beginning to think it could be a rooster? It doesn't have the long tail feathers yet, but it is contantly making this long low pitch throat sound---whooooooaaaaaaa! Could it be? It is constantly pecking the head of another head and sometimes really attacks it.
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    It would have been crowing by now if its 20 weeks old. I would separate the hen and see what happens. I would let the other ones out and keep it confined to the coop for a week or more. [​IMG]

  5. Thanks for all your help, will monitor and split up if this doesn't stop.
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    Post picture and see what people think of the gender on that one.

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