Rooster or not?


Mar 22, 2015
A friend gave me a chocolate Orpington that she thought to be a hen until she heard it crow. I introduced him to my adult flock when he was six months old and he was terrorized at first until I removed him from the coop. This was about a month ago and since then they have accepted him pretty well he he has still not crowed. He does have a large dark red comb and I have seen him top chickens multiple times. He has no inkling of spurs and like I said, still has not crowed. I fell certain he is a rooster but curious about the lack of crowing and spurs.


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May 5, 2020
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Not all chickens get spurs and both males and females can have them.
Crowing is usually a rooster trait there are some hens that crow but it is not very common.

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