Rooster or Pullet?


Apr 3, 2017
I have two Leghorn chicks which are two weeks old. Cleo and Tilda. I think Cleo may be a rooster, "she" has no tail feathers and a larger comb, but.... "her" wings look like pullet wings (all the different lengths). What do you think?

Tilda on the left, Cleo on the right.

Tilda in the front, Cleo in the back.

Tilda on the left, Cleo on the right.

Tilda on the left, Cleo on the right.
Wing sexing is not applicable to leghorns....and is also accurate only if done in the first three days post hatch. All other uses of the method no different than any of the other "old wives tales" approaches to sexing chicks in that it has a 50/50 chance of being accurate.

Only the first two images are showing for me at the moment and do not show anything that can be used to sex your birds, hopefully the other images can be fixed so they display, but at two weeks unless there is obvious cockerel signs it's going to be too early to sex them.

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