Rooster passed away last night

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  1. This is our first ever season with chickens and we acquired 8 hens, 1 rooster on Jan 25. Just last night, the 1.5 year old rooster died. I found him this morning - possibly being mourned by a girlfriend. I admit, when checking for eggs this week, walking into the hen house/roost i would notice that he would stay inside, kinda slumped in (if that makes sense, head tucked into his neck, tail down). he and one other hen would be inside, while the others were outside. i just thought he was cold, wanted to stay in.

    Has anyone else experienced this? any ideas why he keeled over?
  2. Any time a chicken is not acting normal, that is your first sign the chicken is sick. Did you examine his body?
  3. not yet, but rigor has set it, so it might be hard. literally. what am i looking for?
  4. Is he thin? Can you feel his keel bone? Is his crop empty? Have you wormed your chickens lately? Are any of your hens acting different?
  5. first, hens are not acting any differently - yet. When we removed him from the house, i looked at the hens for the same actions as the rooster, but no.

    im checking into the other stuff. im so new, i've got to research all that.

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