Rooster Peck- any chicken diseases?


6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
Are there any diseases that chickens have that I should be worried about with a chicken peck? The kids left the door open and rooster came in and pecked my 10month old on the head three times!!!!!
After my initial freak out - I cleaned the pecks with alcohol and physically she's fine- the spots have stopped bleeding (hate head wounds!)
Just wondering as you all have been pecked numerous times- is there anything she can contract? Other than tetanus I suppose. She's slightly behind on her shots but she's okay for that.
I'd rush to ER (Sunday) but we don't have insurance.
There might be a slight possibility of a bacterial infection. For now I would apply some antibiotic ointment. Then I would go outside and prepare the rooster for supper.

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