Rooster pecked me and broke the skin, should I see an MD?


9 Years
Apr 19, 2010
This may sound weird but I didn't know who else to ask. I have a rooster who is turned vicious and I picked him up to put him in his pen (we have had to isolate him, he is destroying the birds) and he pecked my bicep and broke the skin. The injury is very odd. It bled a little but mostly under the skin, like an immediate bruise. I just don't know if I can catch anything from him. My hens are healthy and he sure is. He is really strong.

Any help would be appreciated.

I hope so. And he is going to be "rehomed" to a nice Mexican family. My husband had to go to work but he sure was upset. I would post a photo but it is too gross.

Thank you for responding so quickly. This sure does hurt. I was so gentle with him and was calming him down and BAM! I am sad, but the pain in my arm is helping with that.
My BO roo used to deliver nasty bites like that. Make sure you wash the area. Mine always healed in a week or so.

Is your rooster young? Mine stopped biting with some work and a bit of time. I've noticed they calm down at about a year old. Puberty is rough on roos too.
It sounds as if you have an under the skin bruise/hematoma. If he did not pierce the skin, there should be no problem. Keep an eye on the wound and if it becomes reddened or hot to the touch see a doctor.

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