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    May 7, 2011
    Hello everyone and thanks so much in advance for any advice.

    We have a small flock (about five chickens) and a rooster. The problem is we have one drake (male duck) and one duck in the flock as well. Everyone was coexisting perfectly until the drake began to mount the chickens. The rooster now has taken to pecking the drake's eyes and has almost ripped it out twice. The drake is, as I type, convalescing in the upstairs bathroom with a ripped lowe eye lid.

    I can rehab the drake no problem. My question is, Is there anyway to find a cover for the drake's eyes? I have seen them for hawks and such but not sure about ducks. I think I may just have to get rid of the rooster. What are your thoughts?

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I would get rid of the drake before I got rid of the roo. An amorous drake can do serious damage to a chicken because of the different plumbing. An amorous roo, on the other hand, won't hurt any other birds with his advances.

    Good luck.

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