Rooster Pecking Order?


8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
Texas Big Country
My young flock of 18, six-to-eight week olds includes two Leghorn roosters. For the most part, they all get along fine, but I have noticed normal "pecking order" type behavior. It's actually been very neat to watch them mature.

One wierd thing sure caught my eye the other day, however. The two roos were up on what I call the "top shelf" of my brooder just 'chilling out' -- pretty normal from what I've seen them do -- when all of a sudden one of the roos ran over to the other, and with his beak put a death grip on the other roo's comb! It sure got my attention! I was sitting at my work bench, and just hollered at them. (Something like, "W T H are you doing?!") It was the most violent behavior I've seen any of my chicks do. They broke it up, and I checked on the victim roo. He was fine, but I sure am curious as to what brought that on. Like I said, they both seemed pretty relaxed, weren't bothering each other, then all of a sudden a lightning bolt struck!

From everything I've read, I suppose I should just chalk this up to a pecking order type of behavior, but it sure took me by surprise. Not to mention the victim roo!

Has anyone seen anything like that? I should add I can't keep the roos (local ordinance), but I do know a guy at my church that is interested in taking them to a good home.


Testosterone causes bizarre behaviors. I can still remember.
some roosters are naturally aggressive even at a younge age. theres not much u can do about them, just break up the fights, you know?
Yep, sounds like the pecking order in progress to me. I've seen that sort of behavior before, with 90% of the eggs I hatch turning into cockerels

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