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Sep 25, 2015
I have 3 roosters.A New Hampshire Red,the leader,a Black Sex link cockerel,and a co chin bantam cockerel,youngest of all.

I think I know hats going on,but would like some opinion.

The New Hampshire red rooster has never liked the 3 Cochin pullets.He usually begins behaving more like a rooster around the young pullets when they begin laying,but its been several weeks since they started and he still has a nasty attitude towards.They dont get out but on the weekends,but now that it is summer break,they are being added.Everyone tends to get along,accept for the young cockerel Cochin,hens chase him and thrash at him anytime they are near.lots of hens are actually scared of him.But,my question was,maybe the reason he dislikes the pullets is because they are side group and side with young Cochin rooster,maybe he is jealous,does anyone ever think they will be able to live life without him chasing them?

I have 21 hens including the 3 Cochin,split among the 3.The four Cochin bantams are their own little group.Currently Spots,the BSL has been flirting with the Cochin girls,and been chasing the Cochin cockerel away,only where the Cochin can sit in watch/sulk over his loss.The girls are pretty standoffish so it will defiantly take some patience. When he chases their cockerel.they think he is coming for them to.Will this cause issues in the future?Should I get rid of the Cochin roo?
My large breed roosters will sometimes chase my bantams, that the reason I keep 2 separate flocks, but they can mingle in the same areas. The bantams can escape to their own run and coop. You have too many roosters for your hens. The Cochin is fine with just 3 hens, but the bigger roosters will be too much as far as mating on all your hens.
If you have more than one cock, you will need about twenty five hens per cock. I had a cock who would chase the hens and jump on their backs to mate them. The poor hens were making noises of fear that i had never heard before, and stopped when Rocket, the cock, was gone. I suggest keeping the best cock and getting rid of the others.
Update-I meant to say I have 24 hens in all,the big guys are doing just fine with the girls,that was not my concern because they each have their own cliques when free ranging and as Can see,the big boys are fine,I thought by the time spring was offer we were gonna have serious scuffles,but Zeus seems to be accepting the males better then he once were.

The little guy,has been mating the big girls,but does't seem to care for caring for them,which I do not think will cause any conflict between the 3,other then the big shoving him off,that is just what dominant roosters do.I have seen the pullets gravitating better towards the bigger guys.I defiantly understand what you mean by over-mating.These boys are vigorous maters (Especially spring time,Zeus the alpha has just been very vigorous when it comes to mating).

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