Rooster Rehoming SUCCESS!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by malkered, Mar 10, 2016.

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    Last year I did a few hatches resulting in 9 roosters and 15 hens.

    After realising that I was too attached to the boys to even consider growing them for the table (the original plan) I kept them until they grew into adolescence and set about looking for homes for them.

    Bo and Chip, two Light Sussex were the first success. With the help of a local farm, feed and poultry supplier they were each rehomed to head their own flocks. Likewise Tilly (originally thought to be a hen) - a White Leghorn was rehomed too.

    Pierre and Floyd, two Bresse roosters, along with Pinky a bresse hen, went to another farm nearby.

    Pingu, a very large Barred Rock rooster heads up our flock of LF hens.

    Patch, a Gold Pencilled Hamburg bantam heads up our small group of bantam hens.

    I took Terry, our Red Leghorn rooster to a new home 45 miles away to his own flock of ten hens.

    Finally, Matt, our Icelandic Rooster went to his new home heading up a flock of 26 hens.

    I'm so pleased that they all ended up in new, happy lives.

    I've now also got room for more hens.
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    You got pretty lucky finding that many good homes. Are you done hatching or will you try again. I don't hatch much because of the roosters, which I have plenty of.
  3. malkered

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    It took a lot of time, effort and miles but was well worth it, I've done my boys proud and keep in touch with several of their new keepers.

    I've just done a fairly unsuccessful hatch with 3/16 mail order eggs hatching and 3/6 of our own eggs hatching but unfortunately we had 2 deaths so I have 4 in the brooder now.

    I've also just put 6 Pekin bantam eggs and 3 of our Hamburgh bantam eggs in the 'bator this evening.

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