Rooster respiratory problem- homeremedy please!

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    Apr 18, 2016
    Hi everyone, please I need your guidance. My young rooster has caught cold. His voice and crowing heard like whistle and while he breaths, different sounds can be heard. He's eating, crowing normally but sneeze a little as well. It's his fourth time he caught the cold in a few months. I used to treat him and other roosters with garlic and it always worked. But this time, it's not working very well. The rooster's voice isn't coming out easily and I don't know what to do? Please can anyone recommend home remedies for this problem?
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    Chickens do not get colds. They get contagious respiratory diseases. An individual might have a dust allergy or minor sniffle, but multiple birds with symptoms almost always means contagious respiratory disease, usually Mycoplasma G. or S.

    You should have your birds blood tested. It's the best way to determine what exact disease you are working with. You should not under any circumstances sell or give away any birds from your flock for the foreseeable future, even birds who seem healthy - almost all birds exposed to these diseases will contract them and become infectious "carriers", even if they never show outward symptoms.

    There is no cure for Myco or any of the other common diseases but there are treatments for the symptoms. I'm sorry but there are no truly effective home remedies. For Myco, Oxytetracycline (brand name Duramycin or Terramycin) is the most common antibiotic used but it's relatively mild and won't relieve severe symptoms. Tylan is another option and it's quite a bit stronger. Denagard is the most effective but it is pricy and must be ordered online. Considering that you aren't yet sure what you're dealing with, Oxytetracycline is probably the best choice, since it's the most broad-spectrum.

    This is a very hard process to go through, believe me, I understand. But as someone who has kept a Myco positive flock for over three years now, the most important thing you can do right now is get your birds blood tested to confirm what you're dealing with. Many of the common respiratory diseases will present with identical symptoms but not all can be treated with the same medications.
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    Jun 3, 2013
    One of mine had a respiratory issue years ago, sneezing/coughing, shaking her head,etc. I wrapped the chicken tractor in a tarp, set up a humidifier and put Oxine into the water tank (several tablespoons per gallon, if I remember correctly). Oxine is used to fog your ductwork to kill fungus, mold, etc. I did this overnight for 3 nights and never heard the cough again. You want the chicken to breathe in the mist so that it treats the infection. It's available on amazon for about $30/gal and I've got just under a full gallon still left in the jug. I also used it in a sprayer for black mold, killed it right off. Do some research, it may be an option for you.

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