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    A little while ago I went to make sure all the chickens were up and noticed blood on the floor. When I started checking and counting the chickens I noticed blood dripping off the beak of one of my Barred rock roosters. At first I thought it had attacked one of the other chickens but on further checking I noticed the blood was coming from his comb. The only way I can figure it happened is he had an itch and scratched a little to hard because he also had blood on only one of his toe nails. I stopped the bleeding by applying some flour as I have read on here of others using flour to stop bleeding and it worked. Have any of yalls chickens ever injured themselves

  2. No. Usually if I find a bloody comb it meant the roo or another chicken grabbed it. Are you sure the blood didn't drip onto the toes from the injury rather than being the cause?

    I'm not saying it didn't happen that way... who knows what trouble chickens can get into!
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    LIQUID BANDAID!! It works great and keeps it from getting infected....take the boy out of the coop and separate him till he heals so you don't have to worry. They see blood and all bets are off!

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