Rooster screaming in the coop at night

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by NellaBean, Nov 11, 2009.

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    I have one Rooster (of three, bottom of the rooster totem pole) who screams/screeches when I go into the coop at night. This is usually if I close up the coop after everyone is roosting.....but then have to come back in and open the door up a few minutes later (usually to collect eggs or bring in stragglers). He makes this screaming/screeching sound as I go in there. Is it a "watch out for predator" sound? It sounds like a pterodactyl or something. First time it happened it really freaked me out. Now I am used to it, but I know it would scare any "newbies" who tried to enter the coop after dark. My other roosters don't usually do that....they ignore me (and I ignore them).
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    Sorry, no Roosters here!!
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    Mine always makes some kind of noise when I go to the coop at night, but mostly it's just enough to know that he is watching me. Rooster boy doesn't sleep I swear, I feel good knowing he's on guard all the time. ONE time I went to check on them and he was totally quiet --- I went back for a flashlight so I could give em a good looking over see if they looked sick!!!!!
    I always talk to them and say "hey birdies, hey rooster boy, it's just me" (doesn't really matter what I say, but they know my voice)

    No, he doesn't screech at me though. He does that in the daytime if something startles him though - like the other day I threw a can off the back deck into the recycle collection. Either the noise or the flashy can flying his way scared him and he screeched. It's like a surprise thing, and then he realizes that there's not really a threat so he doesn't go into full-on alarm call. At least that's what I take it to be.
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    That's just his warning call. Perfectly normal for a good protective roo.
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    Good roo... he's giving the warning... trying to wake everybody up, just in case.
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    #1California Chick :

    Sorry, no Roosters here!!

    Why post a response if you have no roosters and no advice? [​IMG]

    My rooster starts clucking up a storm when I enter the coop at night because he knows that I am going to come in and pet each chicken and give my favorite rooster a big hug! [​IMG] Although he puts up with my affection, Little Ricky would rather hide if he could [​IMG]

    If my rooster wigged out loud and crazy that would scare me pretty good the first time that it happened [​IMG]


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