Rooster seeing red?


10 Years
Feb 19, 2010
Great Lakes
I have 4 EEs: 3 pullets and a cockerel. They are about 5 months old. The roo has been a gentlemen and a wonderful asset to the flock. But the last couple of days he has attacked 8 year old girls in my yard. Yesterday he did it twice, and in both cases the girls were wearing bright red pants. Today he repeated the performance even though my daughter was wearing purple.

Do roosters find red agitating?

(And please, let's not just offer me recipes at this point. If I can't figure out how to communicate to him that 8 year old girls are not roosters, then it'll come to that. But I want thoughts on what might unintentionally communicate "Hey, I'm a rooster, attack me!" and wondered if seeing red makes roos "see red".)
I have one roo in particular who has decided after almost a year that it's time to attack my leg. At first I thought he was attacking my large tattoo on that side but then it happened no matter what I wore. If the girls show fear and run away, he will keep doing it. I turn to face the roo and start stepping toward him until he walks away. Some birds are irritated by the color red. I know our African Grey does not like a lot of red or orange.

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