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Jan 14, 2008
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I have 1 black australorp roo and 3 buff orp roos. When culling time comes how do I pick the guy for keeping with the hens? What traits do I look for? The black australorp has 2 crooked toes on one foot. Will this effect his efforts in breeding or hurt the hens? The black australorp roo is more hyper than the others but isn't aggressive. Out of the 7 buff roos 4 have picked on other roos, some to the point of destruction. I have had to put 4 down. I am afraid the orps will show this trait in the future. I have 11 total with 4 white leghorn hens mixed in with the flock. What do you all think? Help me make the right decision. John


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John, its natural for roosters to spar and fight if there are too many vying for the attention of hens. I would not keep the one with crooked toes for breeding as that can be genetic-it can be incubation problems, but if you are not sure, I'd not keep him. Keep the best looking Orp that is not human-aggressive or too hard on the hens, IMO.
Check out this guide to Orp standards and choose the one that fits them closest:


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Jul 12, 2007
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I agree with speckled on this one. I am getting rid of curly the curled toe buff orp to a guy who wants him. I also look to see who is a good protector of the flock but human friendly. Lots of luck with your choice

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