Rooster severe bumble foot won't walk on one foot

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  1. bchic69

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    Mar 8, 2017
    Hi there,
    I have a rooster we noticed was sick two weeks ago. He was not walking much, kind of stumbling when he did and was sleeping most of the day. We didn't think he'd make it over night. We went and bought tetracycline powder at the feed store and started him on that not noticing his huge feet until the following day when we picked him up to put him in a crate. I started researching foot problems and came to the conclusion it was bumble foot. Both of his foot pads were huge and had dark scabs on his foot pads almost the size of a nickel. We soaked his feet in epsom salt, operated on him and found no drainage or kernel. We tried to take out as much as we could of the dark dead tissue. Since then, we've been soaking daily in tricide neo, then apply gauze soaked in Veteracyn and wrap with bandage. Last week he was walking ok, still a little off balance but we assumed it was painful since we dug into his feet. He seemed to be doing much better. The swelling seems to be doing down and the wounds look dry, don't smell etc. Problem is the last two days he won't walk on one foot. Not sure what's going on? He eats and drinks just fine, crows in the morning but won't move out of his crate. We open it up for him to walk around in the garage but won't walk out, which he did last week when the wounds were still fresh. We stopped oral antibiotics yesterday since it's been two weeks. Started adding probiotics to his water just to help his gut if needed. He also has a bad case of leg mites, which we are waiting to treat with Vaseline until we can get the wounds to heal almost completely and no longer have to wrap his feet. Both feet look better but not sure why he's not walking on one now? :(
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    Hi[​IMG] Welcome To BYC
    Can you post some photos? Both feet (bottoms too), legs and whole rooster[​IMG]

    It sounds like you have been treating the feet like most of us would do.

    The foot that he won't walk on - does it have any redness, swelling, tenderness?
  3. bchic69

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    Mar 8, 2017
    I will try to get pictures tomorrow when we do his soak and bandage change. Today we noticed the foot he is able to put weight on has really shrunk in size and the scab is shrinking as well. The other one looks like the scab is healing up great as well but is much deeper. no redness, the swelling is there but it's gotten better than when we first noticed his huge foot pads. Now I'm worried we might have hit a tendon while operating on him but I used tweezers to dig most of what I could get out, so I know I didn't cut it. I used a small blade to cut around the dead tissue but didn't go very deep. He is Still not walking today. :( we set him on the ground and he'll just sit there. Can't figure it out. Last week he was walking a little of balance but wounds were quite fresh. Now that they are healing seems like he has pain in that foot.
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    Just wondering what ended up happening with your rooster....I'm dealing with a similar case but my guy is still limping around. Removed the scabs from his feet 2 weeks ago but didn't find any kernel

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