rooster sexual aggression

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    I am sure there has been many a post on the subject, but here goes again.

    I have quarantined my 20 week old RIR roo for being too sexually aggressive with pullets that are not ready for the advances. This may not have been a good idea since it is only making him more eager. I have on occasion, let him out when they are free and he makes no effort to court, just runs them down and forces himself on them. They all end up on top of the run in an effort to stay away from him. I reseparate him and they go about their foraging. I am afraid to put him in the run with them where they cannot get away.

    does this wear off? any advice?

    I had one hen killed by a rooster once simply for not being accepting, but I only had four hens then. I have 13 now thinking he could get share the wealth, so to speak. But they aren't laying yet and none of them are willing at this time.
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    Young cockerels just coming into their hormones can be brutally aggressive toward the hens and need to be kept in a separate pen for a few months. By the time they're approaching a year, most begin to taper off on their hormones, and may not be as aggressive. By age two, they've calmed down considerably.

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