Rooster sitting on egg!

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    Hi, I thought I would share this fun heart warming story:

    So my Pure Ameraucana rooster and my Marans rooster have been a bit naughty with constant crowing all day long... I fenced them in for a few hours in a corner of the coop to have some peace and quiet.

    I went back two hours later and one of the young Ameraucana hens, managed to get in with the roosters and laid an egg, cooing and tossing wood chips on her back. The Ameracana Rooster was tending her cooing and helping out... When she left the nest he went and sat on the egg! Cooing and clucking....[​IMG]

    Of course the Marans rooster wanted nothing to do with it and left the area...[​IMG]

    So a little while later a young Marans hen came in and relieved the Ameracuana rooster of his duty, she promptly sat on the egg and the rooster stood by as she laid her egg..

    (I needed to go so I don't know how long this went on.)) But it sure was cute.. He was being a good daddy..

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    yes, my BJ roo does this a lot. cute isn't it?

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