Rooster sounds hoarse??

Qi Chicken

10 Years
Jul 3, 2009
Our 10 week welsummer rooster is making a strange sound, like a wheeze and a whine combination but he does it when he is opening his mouth like he is talking, not when he is just breathing. He won't do it for a few minutes then it's as if he starts to chirp (or whatever) and this strange sound comes out. My husband was using the electric drill and it sounded just like the sound rooster makes. He has been doing this for 3 days. He is acting and eating normally. The sound is quite noticeable. My husband has heard crowing from the coop but we have two roosters. I have not seen him crow in the last two days which I normally do.

My daughter said she heard one of the BA doing it too *(the wheezing/whine sound). She also said they were dripping "snot" on her. I didn't see either of those things so I can't confirm.

What should I do? I have regular ACV. I can't find organic. I do have polyvisol. It does not say no iron but it doesn't say iron fortified either. They get chick/grower crumbles and plain water. They get hard boiled egg and watermelon for treats. They have been inside their coop for 3 weeks as we are just finishing their run, but it's big 10x11 for 16 chickens.

Thanks in advance!



12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
You really need to observe your flock closely to confirm or discount the `dripping snot' report. Plus, if the other chooks are having respiratory problems, it is far easier to hear them if you are nearby, for a half-an-hour or so, after they've gone to roost (a baby monitor in the coop is good for signaling the presence of both microscopic and macroscopic predators).

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