Rooster sounds hoarse

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    Acting fine, eating drinking. Just seems to have lost some of his crow. Haven't seen anything strange yet in his throat but I did notice that his larynx hangs lower than my other rooster. It is more noticeable when feeling his throat that is. Been doing some research but thought I would put out a request for ideas. Thanks all.
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    Sometimes chickens do lose their voices if crowing/cackling a lot, I've had it happen on a few occasions. It might help to try a little VetRX down his throat and in the waterer incase he's starting to catch a cold. Hope that helps.
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    ok, now I've noticed that he seems very fat between his legs and his back end. Might be normal, just hadn't noticed before. My other roo doesnt feel that same fattness. I read something on here where someone mentioned fattness between the legs and i can't find it.

    Today he seems not as active as usual, has eaten a bit - I'm going out with some scrambled egg for him. His breathing is more noticeable today too.. slight opening of mouth on inhale but no wheezing or coughing
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