rooster spins in circles thats the only symptom

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  1. Krystalfarmgirl

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    May 26, 2016
    Ok so since I have a few health problems and cant work. I raise and sell chickens so I can help support my family. I sold 2 hens and a rooster in Jan. Well the lady said that the rooster died in April. The chickens were only 8 months old and didn't have any issues here. None of our birds show any signs of health issues. she said that the rooster stopped eating and his comb turned black. she said the hens that I sold her are having no issues. the chickens that I sold her all came from the same group of eggs and hatched out at the same time and were all kept together. then I sold another couple from the same group of chickens a rooster and 2 hens. they said the rooster got sick and died from the same issues. and the hens that I sold them are having no signs of health issues. Now I have this one rooster left that is spinning in circles and then after he spins in circles he loses his balance and falls down. this rooster is not from the same batch of chickens and is an older rooster. his comb looks healthy. he seems to be eating fine that I have noticed. I cant find any other noticeable signs of health issues. i try really hard to keep my animals as healthy as possible. im just concerned. I was told to post this issue here. can anyone help me?
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    May 29, 2012
    I don't know if it's any help, but.... there's a type of seizure that humans can have that makes them spin in circles. If the comb is turning black, then it could be some sort of vascular problem. I just don't have enough information to help you research the possible causes. Maybe they got into something, maybe it's some sort of microbial infection or just some very strange bad luck.

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